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Go Canada - part one interview with Nikolaj Green

Go Canada - part one interview with Nikolaj Green

Hi Nikolaj!

You are one of our great ambassadors. You recently visited Canada.

Can you tell us more about your trip?

Our trip started just outside Toronto, but we didn’t go into Toronto even though that would have been great! From there we drove out west in our RV! On the way we visited Cities like Calgary, Thunder Bay, Kamloops and lastly Vancouver!

What is your favorite part of Vancouver?

I think for me personally, I just love the all the different cultures, people and how big the city is compared to what I’m used to! Being a travel filmmaker and photographer I usually travel to places with beautiful nature, but coming to a city the size of Vancouver made me realise how much I’ve been missing out on, since that was the first big city I’ve visited with buildings that tall. There were different lights all around and there was something happening everywhere you looked!

Describe the city with 3 words:

Vibrant, Multicultural and Scenic

What’s your favorite area of the city and why?

The downtown area was my favourite part of the city! Just being able to go around with my camera without a plan, and just shoot what is going on around me! As I said before, there is always something happening around you, and coming from big natural scenic locations where everything is quiet and calm, really pin pointed the contrast between nature and urban life!

Where did you have the best meal on the trip?

Canada is a really multicultural country, which means there are tons of different options to choose from wherever you go! But if you take the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island and the make the trip to Tofino, there is a very good Mexican food stand there, which had the best burrito I’ve ever tried!

Coming from Denmark, what is the biggest difference between Scandinavian and Canadian cities?

I would have to say the size of the cities, and the size of the buildings! In Scandinavia we don’t really have a lot in skyscrapers, so coming to a city like Vancouver, you really start to feel small as there is almost always tall buildings around you!

What’s something that surprised you about Canada?

I would have to say how similar part of the country is to Scandinavia! Going there I did get told that Canadas welfare system and some parts of the nature there, would look a lot more like Scandinavia than USA for example! And after talking to Kian which was the one the guys I travelled with who is Canadian, I could really see some similarities between then 2 parts of the world!

Would you go back?

YES! Of course I would! Canada is so big and that there’s so much more I still need to see! Plus when we arrived to the national parks, there was a lot of snow, which meant a lot of the lakes and hikes were actually closed! So next time I’ll go there in the summer or spring for sure!


Thanks Nikolaj! 

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