Hi, and welcome to Fat Moose.

At the moment we have closed our site due to change of logo (we were not allowed to use the old moose logo after 1/6 due to rights) and that we are upgrading our site. We hope to be able to open up again at the beginning of August.

About the brand:

"When we design our clothes, it is with our heritage, where we come from, and with our Nordic nature in mind. A sunny day with a lovely summer breeze, a heavy rain or when the snow is pouring down. Nature that always changes, impossible to tame. Unpredictable. Just as lovely the nature can be on a summer day, just as hard when the wind blows icy cold. 

No matter what season, what you have going on, what you are up to. Fat Moose clothing should be your best friend. 

Nordic nature determines. We love it."

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Take care! /the Fat Moose team.