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At our charity we are committed to helping those in need. We recently distributed over 300 jackets, fleeces and sweatshirts in Denmark, UK and the Netherlands, among others, the Red Cross, Mænden hjem, Havenzicht and Reaching Out Liverpool. This is a true testament to how much this mission means to us.

In addition, we always strive to be more environmentally friendly by using recycled materials whenever possible in our clothing; taking care of the planet is no small feat! We also offer our customers to use RE-ZIP (circular packaging) or the alternative of recycled plastic bags.

RE-ZIP is not only circular packaging it is also a return infrastructure and that makes it possible to reuse the packaging several times. We are happy that our customers make an active choice against single use packaging. You receive a voucher when you return the RE-ZIP packaging. The packaging can be used up to 30 times, reducing both CO2 and tree felling, and you don’t even have to worry about a full bin.

It works like this:
* Choose RE-ZIPs circular packaging before check out.
* Receive your purchase in the lovely circular packaging
* Find the nearest drop point in the RE-ZIP app.
* Return the empty RE-ZIP at one of the many drop points for free.
* Receive the voucher as a thank you for your sustainable choice.

Finally, we strive to make our garments to such a quality that we ensure good durability, which should help you keep your jacket or shirt until it has reached its final wear.

Do you work with charity? Contact Paul at pp@urbanbrands for more info.

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and our nature.


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The RE-ZIP loop

Return and be rewarded

Choose RE-ZIP to save the planet from yet another single-use packaging, and receive a reward as a thank you. When you return the packaging, it will be reused again and again and again...

After receiving your order, simply fold the empty RE-ZIP and return it like this:

  • 1

    Find Drop Point

    Find Drop Point in the RE-ZIP app

  • 2


    Scan RE-ZIP QR code at the Drop Point to receive your reward

  • 3


    Return the empty RE-ZIP for free at the Drop Point