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Fat Moose jackets: are they good?

Fat Moose jackets: are they good?

A jacket is a short piece of clothing worn on the upper body by both men and women. The word “jacket” is said to have come from the Middle French word “Jaquet”, which referred to a small and lightweight tunic.

The history of jackets goes as far back as the Medieval period when it was called the ‘jerkin’, a close-fitting version of the earlier short tunic which men wore. Like other clothing items, the jacket has undergone many changes since it first came to be and still has not gone out of style.

Although jackets and coats are casually used interchangeably, jackets are typically more tight-fitting and range from very light and thin to heavy. Some jackets extend to the hips and have long sleeves reaching the wrists, while those without sleeves are called vests.

Having been in existence for hundreds of years, its popularity is known to have reached even the farthest corners of the earth. Today it's almost impossible to meet a person who doesn't already own a jacket.

    Why people wear jackets

    Aside from being an ideal piece of clothing, jackets are a favourite of many for two main reasons: they are fashionable and functional, especially as a protective wear.

    For instance, a biker would wear a biker jacket specially designed to protect against bodily harm such as cuts or bruises in case of a road accident. Similarly, a lady on a date might prefer to complete her outfit with a fashionable light and pretty jacket made of silk or cotton.

    Nonetheless, it isn’t uncommon to see people remake functionality into fashion when it comes to jackets and not the other way round. A person might choose to put on a biker jacket just because it looks good, but is there anyone who would go skiing in the Alps wearing a light silk jacket? Well, we don't think so!

    Are Fat Moose jackets any good?

    Yes, Fat Moose are great! When we produce our jackets, we not only use high-quality, durable and breathable materials, but we also incorporate our Nordic heritage and love for wild nature into creating the best designs. 

    At Fat Moose we excel in one type of jacket; we aim to create the most versatile and functional jacket, that you can use whether you are out in the wilderness or doing you daily chores in the hectic urban jungle.

    Focused on both fabric and function, our designs provide outdoor adventurers with the utility they need. No matter the activity, be it surfing, hiking or skiing, and no matter the weather, be it a beautiful sunny day, a heavy rain, or a blanket of snow, our jackets have got you one hundred percent. They will keep you protected, dry and cosy.

    If you live the urban lifestyle, you aren't left out either. Our jackets are perfect for everyday activities such as going to work and meeting up with friends at the close of the day. Rest assured that you will be both stylish and comfortable in them as you go about your everyday life.

    How to choose the perfect Fat Moose jacket

    Ready to cop one of our famous Fat Moose jackets? Here are some things to consider when choosing the right one for you:

    Getting the fit right

    A right-fitting jacket should be cut proportionately to the wearer's dimensions and shouldn’t be overstated on the shoulders or too tight for the arms to move freely. When choosing the right jacket from our store, you want to ensure that it fits snugly.

    To check this, hug yourself and lift your arms above your head. If you are unable to move comfortably without over-stretching the back of the jacket, then it doesn't fit right. Furthermore, check that the jacket sleeves don't extend down and over your hands.


    Jackets are versatile pieces of clothing that come in several different shapes and styles, meaning that various events call for different jackets. Some jackets are excellent for formal activities, while others are more leisurely in style.

    Although all our jackets are of excellent quality and style, some are more suited for the outdoors, and others for everyday life. Therefore, when deciding which of our jackets is suitable for you, deep thoughts should be given to where you would be wearing it. The last thing you want is to show up to a black-tie event dressed in a rain jacket.


    Jackets have come a long way, and from the look of things, they are also here to stay. These fantastic pieces of clothing don't only come in different styles but also enhance a person's appearance and provide functionality. 

    Investing in high-quality, timeless jackets is a good idea that would save you a lot of money. That is why Fat Moose jackets should be your best friends no matter what you have going on or what you are up to.  

    Our jackets are made of materials of the highest quality. No single detail is overlooked, from the stitching to the lining, and the zippers, to ensure that you get the most out of your jacket.

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