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Hidden gems of Sweden

Hidden gems of Sweden

Sweden is well-known for its coastal islands, inland lakes, arctic glaciers, vast boreal forests, beautiful scenery, and delightful towns that attract tourists from all around the world. But do you know that this Scandinavian nation has much more to offer than what you read about in guidebooks?

Home to the open-air Skansen Museum and a haven of outdoor adventures, Sweden keeps some of its most enchanting attractions so hidden that even some native Swedes are unaware of their existence.

Here are the hidden gems of Sweden:


Kebnekaise is the tallest mountain in Sweden and Scandinavia, aside from Norway. The Kebnekaise is part of the Scandinavian mountain range located in Lapland, a sparsely populated province in northern Sweden.

The mountain has two peaks, a glaciated southern peak and the higher northern ice-free peak standing at 6,879 ft, with hiking trails moving towards it from the east and west. While the eastern trail passes over a glacier, making it difficult for inexperienced climbers, the western trail is much easier for public use.

Although this mountain provides access to breathtaking panoramic views, only a few visit it because of how isolated it is.

Archipelago of Gothenburg

The archipelago of Gothenburg lies just off the coast of the second largest city in Sweden. It comprises two sections -the northern and southern archipelagoes- both of which are readily accessible by a ferry from the mainland.

The southern archipelago is part of Gothenburg’s Västergötland province, while the northern archipelago is located in the Bohuslän province of Öckerö. Cars are not allowed in the southern section of the archipelago; however, walking, biking and boating are acceptable means of exploring the islands. This is to preserve the islands’ natural beauty.

The Gulf of Bothnia

The Gulf of Bothnia is split into the Bothnian Bay and the Bothnian Sea, and it is the northernmost stretch of the Baltic Sea. It lies between the east coast of Sweden and Finland’s west coast. Also, in the south of the gulf lies Åland, between the Archipelago Sea and the Sea of Åland.

Many tourists merely visit the gulf on cruise ships without realising how stunning this expansive coastline is. A road trip can be taken along the coast on the E4 highway to get the best view of the coast.

Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle is located in the Småland province of Sweden. This castle is built on the Kalmar Strait in the Baltic Sea and is notable for its unique location. The Kalmar Castle has played an important role in Swedish history. First constructed as a fortified tower in the 12th century, it was used as a strategic position in protecting the Swedish border against Denmark warriors and pirates.

Today, exhibitions and guided tours are conducted around the castle to showcase its brilliance and the expansive views of the strait.

Halland County

Located on Sweden’s west coast between Gothenburg and Helsingborg, Halland county is the epitome of what coastal life should be. Its natural landscapes and unspoiled coastal lines attract tourists through the prospects of outdoor activities, from cycling and hiking to all kinds of watersports. 

The Varberg Fortress -which now serves as a museum- and the Halmstad Castle are two of the many historic sites and museums for culture lovers. Also, the amazing Halland outdoor vibe is equally matched by its high-quality and locally produced food.


The Treehotel is located near Harads in Norrbotten County, Sweden. Unlike tree houses you may have heard of, the tree hotel is unrivalled in its intimacy with nature, ecological values, comfort, and modern design.

At the Treehotel, you get to choose from seven different rooms, each with its theme. So, whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure, a relaxing break, or simply to wind down in nature, the Treehotel makes it possible.


Jokkmokk is a small Swedish town in Lapland. The town is famous for its centuries-old Winter Market, a yearly event where the indigenous Sami people sell their handcrafts and goods. The market also features live music and food kiosks. 

Jokkmokk is indeed the land of the summertime midnight sun, and in the winter, it transforms into a charming winter wonderland. It also has the Ájtte Museum, where Sami artefacts, silver work, and traditional clothes are exhibited.


Grundsund is a fishing village situated in Västra Götaland County, on Sweden’s west coast. With houseboats and fishing boats rubbing shoulders, Grundsund is as natural as any fishing community you can find. Its brightly coloured cottages located next to the chilly blue sea also give it an almost painting-like appearance.

Grundsund would make an excellent stop on your way to Gothenburg. You might as well enjoy your time there munching on some of Sweden’s freshest seafood without having other tourists around.


Now that you have discovered that Sweden has much more to offer than you read in those guidebooks, you don't have to stick to conventional vacations anymore. Visit these wonderful places and gain new experiences that will spice up your adventurous life! 

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