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Bartek Kołaczkowski, Warsaw

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do every day

I’m Bartek - a traveling photographer. I travel with my Disco 2 and a rooftop tent. Love this way of discovering new places and being around nature. My everyday work is photography and during my travels, I work for international brands. That's a perfect mix of exploring the world, developing my passion, and doing my job.

I started my journey in photography 5 years ago. I finished the University of Music as a pianist and during my studies, I bought my first camera (Nikon D90). As I was in the music environment I was shooting a lot of concerts and portraits of musicians. At the same time, I was developing my landscape photography skills as I’m also an outdoor lover. After my studies, 

I got more interested into automotive photography and from there, it was a fast road to traveling photography. I’ve connected my passions for Land Rovers with photography and during the pandemic, I’ve started my traveling way of living :) I think my profession and photography have a lot of similarities. Both fields are all about harmony and composition.

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What do you like the most about traveling?

Traveling gives me the opportunity to discover new places, explore new cultures and meet new places. It inspires me in my everyday work and keeps me motivated to explore more.

I’m really happy that I can connect my work as a photographer with my adventures - that’s like living the dream life! Also traveling with my Land Rover gives me huge freedom, which I love the most!

What is your favorite trip that you have done?

It is hard to choose one destination because all the trips always have something memorable.

There is something special about my first trip, after I bought Disco 2 I went to the Dolomites. I had this car for only a few weeks and didn’t have any camping gear. I had only a gas stove and mattress inside the car.

I really wanted to explore some new places I remember so well the night when I went to Tre Cime di Lavaredo and I was sleeping in the car surrounded by the amazing landscape of Dolomites and stars - something I will never forget.

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What do you like about Fat Moose?

During my travels, the weather is totally unpredictable. Traveling with a rooftop tent needs huge flexibility to be prepared for all types of weather.

I still remember very well my first trip to Denmark, where the weather was totally crazy, and with clothes from Fat Moose I was ready for the adventure!

What’s also very important is the design - minimalistic and clean. That’s the way of thinking not only in my photography - that’s my way of living.

Exciting! Finally, what is your favourite Fat Moose item?

It’s hard to choose only one item but for sure one of them is the fleece jacket! I use it all seasons and that’s always the most important part of my clothing during the trip.

In the summer it’s great when you are waking up early in the rooftop tent and also it’s perfect as one of the layers in the cold climate! I really love it!

Also, a winter jacket is a perfect item for my winter trip to the Tatra Mountains. I really like the setup with the beanie.

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