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RE-ZIP - circular packaging

18 kr
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Yes thanks, I would like to spare the planet!

Choose packaging from RE-ZIP circular packaging that can be reused multiple times. As a thank you for returning the packaging, you will receive a €10 voucher for your next purchase.

RE-ZIP is not only packaging it is also a return infrastructure and that makes it possible to reuse the packaging several times. We are happy that our customers make an active choice against single use packaging. You receive your voucher when you return the RE-ZIP packaging. The packaging can be used up to 30 times, reducing both CO2 and tree felling, and you don’t even have to worry about a full bin.

It works like this:
* Choose RE-ZIPs circular packaging before check out.
* Receive your purchase in the lovely circular packaging
* Find the nearest drop point in the RE-ZIP app.
* Return the empty RE-ZIP at one of the many drop points for free.
* Receive the voucher as a thank you for your sustainable choice.

Thank you for choosing RE-ZIP.

Quality: Paper

RE-ZIP onesize
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Fat Moose RE-ZIP - circular packaging Bags
Fat Moose RE-ZIP - circular packaging Bags

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