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Go Canada - part two interview with Nikolaj Green

Go Canada - part two interview with Nikolaj Green

What national parks did you go to?

We went to Banff National Park, Glacier National Park, Yoho National Park and Pacific Rim National Park. I would really have loved to visit Jasper National Park, but unfortunately the weather didn’t allow it.

What was the most breathtaking thing you saw?

I would have to say Lake Louise was the most breathtaking place we visited, as the mountains were just insane. The view with the lake in front of the mountains was out of this world! But I also really loved the rainforest out on Vancouver Island! Such a change in scenery but also extremely beautiful.

Name three places everyone must see in British Columbia:

Cathedral Groove, Wapta Falls and then Tofino out on Vancouver Island!

Which Fat Moose items did you bring with you?

I brought all kinds of items, as I knew the weather would change throughout the trip. I wanted to have something for all conditions. One of my favourite items was the Hugh Inka Fleece Jacket. I just love the look of it, but also the fact that it truly kept me warm throughout the trip where we had colder weather! For the days where the sun was shining and didn’t need a jacket, I rocket the Wyatt Garment Dyed Shirt, which was perfect for those hot spring days.

What would you see/do again?

I would love to go back to Banff National Park when there is no snow. Other than that I would love to have a bit more time to explore Vancouver Island, as it really was something special.

What would you skip?

Personally I wouldn’t skip anything! But if I had to choose it would be all the driving on the East Coast. Before going there we knew we wanted to see most in the west. So before hand we had decided not to see much on the west. I’m sure there is ton to see there, but for this trip some of it could have been skipped.

Where’s your next adventure to?

I’m going to Madrid to explore the city there, and then I will hopefully go to Tenerife this summer to explore that island again, as there is much more for me there to see.


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