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Could you tell us a bit more about your travel agency?

At De Brede Planker/ DBP Adventures, we specialize in adventure travel and outdoor activities. We offer a wide range of experiences, including off-piste skiing, heli-skiing, surfing, kite- and windsurfing, mountain biking, and climbing. On our tours, we use experienced guides who are trained to lead and ensure these activities for a safe and enjoyable experience for all. We are known for offering exciting and challenging activities on our trips that appeal to adventurous travelers, but we are also open to beginners and families. Corporate travel is also a part of our portfolio. So, if you're looking for an active travel experience that will challenge and provide unforgettable memories, De Brede Planker is a great choice.

 How did it all begin?

It all started with my great passion for off-piste skiing. In 2010, I (Christoffer, the owner) went on a season in Val d'Isère, where I would head out to the off-piste every time the conditions allowed. Unfortunately, there were often others with the same idea. I grew tired of the competition for the best descents in the off-piste and began to investigate whether it was possible to find a destination with plenty of off-piste and fewer people to share it with. To my surprise, I found exactly that in North Macedonia. My first encounter with the concept of cat-skiing in North Macedonia became the starting point for everything.

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What is your favorite trip that you have done?

I have always loved the combination of adventure, different cultures, and off-piste. In Georgia, you get all of that. I really like how friendly people are, the different but super delicious food, and the fantastic off-piste. All of this makes a true adventure for me.

Why do you think you match with Fat Moose so well?

Fat Moose and De Brede Planker/ DBP Adventures both share a passion for the outdoors. The combination of urban and outdoor settings makes it a natural fit for our day-to-day work at De Brede Planker/ DBP Adventures. Our love for both is reflected in our office attire, which is professional and functional for our after-work outdoor activities.

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What is your favorite Fat Moose item?

At this time of year, you'll primarily see me wearing a shirt and a fleece jacket. The Herold fleece overshirt gives the best of both worlds, so it will, of course, be one of my favorites.

Thanks DBP - keep on making memories for life!

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