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Paul Persson,
a swede in Copenhagen

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do every day

My name is Paul. I am a happy man who work in marketing and ecom. I live in the south of Copenhagen, near the beach with my big family of 6, plus 2 cats. You have to be in good shape to enjoy the everyday life with 4 children. :-)

I play soccer, ski and hike as often as I can. At hiking I’ve been quite a late bloomer but recently I've been doing it quite often in my new home country of Denmark. I just pack the backpack and walk from A to B to C with a couple of my Danish friends. It’s a lovely way to enjoy nature, learn more about the country and the silence (4 kids you know...).

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What do you like the most about traveling?

As one of the other Fat Moose ambassadors, Bartek, I love to travel. I give myself the opportunity to discover new places, try food I don't usually eat, explore new cultures, and meet new people. Generally just try new things!

From when I was a child and all the way up to my teenage years, we went to Italy in the summer and Austria in the winter, every year. Italy has become one of my favorite countries, so much so that I learned Italian at school. And Austria is the best skiing place, maybe not the longest slope and the highest mountains, but the overall experience and atmosphere is unbeatable in Austria.

What is your favorite trip that you have done?

Australia. I was backpacking in the late 90s with a friend. We started in India and went to Thailand, to Malaysia and ended up in Singapore.

My friend flew home to Sweden where I continued to Bali and the final country of Australia on my own. Started in Cairns, went on to Cape Tribulation (lovely place where the rainforest is right down to the beach) and stops at the Whitsundays (sailing), Fraser Island (4WD on the beach), Byron Bay (surfing), Outbacks and more.

3 months later I had to go home (visa). What a trip! It was fun traveling alone, I met so many new friends along the way. Good experience for one's personal development.

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100% handmade soap bar

Why do you think you match with Fat Moose so well?

I have been working in fashion for the last 25 years. Worked for, and with, so many brands. The cool Danish brand Punk Royal which went from success to flop in a second, Swedish hyped brand Whyred and more.

I like what Fat Moose has done last season and I like the evolution from just jackets to a full collection/brand. Fat Moose makes some great flannel shirts, which suits me very well, and are really nice, both fashion wise and to wear.

What is your favorite Fat Moose item?

All Overshirts. The Overshirt is a fantastic garment. You use it as a shirt when the temperature allows it, and at colder times it becomes more layer upon layer you use to build up against the cold. Like a knit underneath or a vest over (Fat Moose has some cool vest too).

Overshirts are the best garment ever. I've seen the new styles that are in for the season and found some great new ones. Need to have them all! :-)

Thanks Paul and keep traveling, enjoy life and spread joy.

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