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Dennie Hilding,
Cold water surfer and
owner of Bornholm Surf Farm

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do every day

My name is Dennie and I was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden.

In 2012 me and my wife, and back then 6-month old baby, moved to Bornholm, Denmark due to its great nature and surf potential. I had never even owned my own apartment (only rental) before, and suddenly I was the owner of a farm and even a tractor.

I work daily as a clinical psychologist and mental trainer. I love the contrast between my work and cold water surfing.

What do you like the most about traveling?

I have always been traveling, backpacking, snowboarding and surfing around the world.

I like to explore and create experiences such as connect with new people, eating local food and learn as much as possible about the places I visit.

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What is your favorite trip that you have done?

That’s a tough question, the world is filled with beautiful and incredible places.

But I must say when I worked and travelled for a year in Byron Bay, Australia. I was young and naive and went out in waves much bigger than my skill level back then.

I met friends for life and was surfing almost everyday for a year. I also felt in love with the local food scene.

Why do you think you match with Fat Moose so well?

As a cold water surfer I need reliable clothes that keeps me warm and dry in extreme weather conditions.

I also think that Fat Moose has combined the above with a cool and relatable design and style.

100% handmade soap bar

What is your favorite Fat Moose item?

I love the Birk Long thinsulate jacket and the Pine fleece.

It is always a treat to wear cool and practical clothes while searching for waves.

I love the quality of the materials, how warm it is and the clip buttons add that perfect extra touch.

Thanks Dennie - keep traveling, enjoy life and spread joy.

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