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Steve Bristow,
a passion for drone

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do every day

I’m Steve - ex Armed forces with a love of travel and photography. Currently living the 9-5 life, travel and photography is an escape for me, the aim is to become a full-time travel photographer.

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How did your adventure with photography start?

I started my journey initially as a model in 2017, I then decided to learn the basics of photography so I could understand a little about the camera.

I bought my first camera in 2018 (Nikon D3400) but didn’t use it much so sold it in 2019, I then moved to Canon last year when me and my mate decided to try night shots using the drone.

 I then met a group of like-minded individuals (with a passion for exploring and photography) whom helped me further my photographic journey.

What do you like the most about traveling?

Travelling gives me the opportunity to discover new places, and meet new people. Pairing travelling with photography is a dream.

I believe that photography helps capture the memories. If it weren’t for travelling, I wouldn’t have met the incredible people who I call friends now.

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What is your favorite trip that you have done?

Choosing a favorite is a difficult one, however, my favorite has got to be the north of Scotland. Myself and 5 other photographers/videographers went up north for a long weekend (June).

It was honestly such a vibe, we created memories together along with explored.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather (although could have done with less midges) we wild camped the first night by the river near Glenfinnan viaduct, then the second night we stay in a hostel near Achmelvich bay, and finished off the trip in an apartment in Glasgow. The trip was around 1200 miles for the long weekend.

Why do you think you match with Fat Moose so well?

Being in the UK, the weather is a little unpredictable, so to have clothing which is stylish, waterproof, and lightweight helps to keep me prepared.

Most of my camping is done either a few feet from my car, or on the summit of the hills, so to have the flexibility of the different clothing options matter.

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What is your favorite Fat Moose item?

I really love the Hugh Fleece jacket, especially the light brown which is my favorite color in this. It's great for keeping warm on the chillier mornings. Stylish for use on and off the hills.

Thanks Steve - keep traveling, enjoy life and spread joy.

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