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Fat Moose
Bonsai Jacket

900,00 DKK 540,00 DKK

Fat Moose
Lumber Shirt Checked

800,00 DKK 480,00 DKK

Fat Moose
Trench Tech

1.300,00 DKK

Fat Moose
Mountain Jacket

1.500,00 DKK

Fat Moose
Redwood Jacket

2.500,00 DKK

Fat Moose
Ash Jacket

2.500,00 DKK

Fat Moose
Lumber Shirt - Navy

800,00 DKK 400,00 DKK

Fat Moose
Active Jacket Logo - Navy / Army

800,00 DKK 320,00 DKK


The Moose is Loose!

Fat Moose was founded in the Spring of 2010 in Scandinavia. The brand is based on the vision of a menswear brand, which is able to offer a single go-to solution for all the active man’s essentials. We are focused around our love of extreme sports and adventure which is why we only use high quality durable and breathable fabrics. All packed in, of course, with a modern design aesthetic that is made for action.

We are well established in a whole variety of countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. And there are more on the way....

Get ready for the adventure!

FRIENDS OF MOOSE! Big respect to some people that inspire us and that are ambassadors for the Fat Moose brand.

Danish kiteboarding daredevil Nick Jacobsen is little short of breathtaking with his jumps from some of the highest buildings on the planet. Total respect to Nick!

Spanish born Viki Gómez IS Mr. BMX Flatland. He has won so many awards including World Champion 3 times that there isn't enough space here to list them all.

Norwegian basejumper Esben Fadnes is something else. With over 900 jumps behind him, Esben is also a pro freeride skier and wingsuit flyer. Prepare to be amazed!

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