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At Fat Moose we like to work with likeminded people.
People that value the nature as well as the city life.
We call these guys for our ambassadors since they represent our values in the real world.


Nikolaj Green - adventure photographer 

My name is Nikolaj Green, and i’m a travel filmmaker and photographer. I have base in Denmark, but to be honest i’m probably more on the road documenting my travels!

Travelling for me gives me a hole special felling! Being able to emerge yourself into the dramatic landscapes of the Faroe Islands, or experience how different the Indonesian culture is from ours!

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De Brede Planker | DBP Adventures, Denmark

De Brede Planker (DBP Adventures) is a dedicated travel agency that loves the water and the mountains. We started in 2010 by arranging off-piste ski and snowboard trips to Macedonia, our starting point was and still is first tracks in the off-piste, the best conditions, nature experiences, adventure and not least meeting other like-minded people who are just as fond of the water and the mountains. Our ski trips are something out of the ordinary, we offer catski, heliski and randonee, where the lifts have been dropped in favor of other forms of transport. In the summer we take advantage of the mountain on mountain bikes. We also have a great love for the water and offer the best surf and kitesurf locations around the world. Site:

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Dennie Hilding, Bornholm

My name is Dennie and I was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden. In 2012 me and my wife, and back then 6-month old baby, moved to Bornholm, Denmark due to its great nature and surf potential.

I had never even owned my own apartment (only rental) before, and suddenly I was the owner of a farm and even a tractor. I work daily as a clinical psychologist and mental trainer. I love the contrast between my work and cold water surfing.

Meet Dennie
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Bartek Kołaczkowski, Warsaw

I’m Bartek - a traveling photographer. I travel with my Disco 2 and a rooftop tent. Love this way of discovering new places and being around nature. My everyday work is photography and during my travels, I work for international brands. That's a perfect mix of exploring the world, developing my passion, and doing my job.

Meet Bartek

Steve Bristow, Scotland

I’m Steve - Ex Armed forces with a love of travel and photography. Currently living the 9-5 life, Travel and photography is an escape for me, the aim is to become a full-time travel photographer.

Meet Steve

Casper Crump, Denmark and USA

Hallo my name is Casper Crump, Im 45 years old, father of two amazing kids and husband of my fantastic wife. Born an raised in Copenhagen, but have been fortunate to live in other parts of the world. We are Currently based out of Washington DC - United States.

Meet Casper

Benjamin Spaniel, Copenhagen

Benjamin Spaniel is a 43 year old father from Copenhagen, Denmark. He works in the enzyme industry with recovery and development - try to make a difference and help save the planet. He loves to combine his passion for sport fishing with photography, camping, adventure and travel. He has traveled around most of the world, discovering amazing places and catching all kinds of fish. From small fish in the Amazon, Brazil - to giant bluefin tuna in the Strait of Gibraltar. All the fish go back to the water again.

Meet Benjamin

Gün Üret, Istanbul

Hi, and first of all, I’d like to thank you for allowing me to join. My name is Gün, I am 34 years old and I live in Østerbro in Copenhagen. On a daily basis, I work in digital marketing, both as a consultant and a teacher. Additionally, I own and manage a little start-up called Creatrix.

Meet Gün


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