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Nikolaj Green - could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Nikolaj Green, and i’m a travel filmmaker and photographer. I have base in Denmark, but to be honest i’m probably more on the road documenting my travels! I love travelling as it allows me to explore new countries and really emerge myself into the nature and the culture the different countries has, while still developing my passion for filmmaking and photography!


How did your adventure with photography begin?

My journey with a camera started in the summer of 2020! During the pandemic i didn’t have much to do, so i decided to pick up a camera as i wanted something a bit better than a phone, for a trip around the world with a friend that i had planned! That trip never happened, but i kept my camera and really quickly fell in love with first photographing and later filming! I then used all the money i had saved up for my trip around the world, to go solo travelling with my camera and documenting all my travels! When i realised that you could turn this into a job, i knew from the get go, that i needed to put all my time and effort into becoming as good as possible to the craft!

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What is your favorite trip that you have taken?

This is so hard to choose as they are all special in their own ways! But my trip to south east Asia was something for the books. Really being able to experience how different the cultures, and how different the peoples lives are! Other than that there is also the magnificent nature that you can’t find anywhere else in the world! But the Faroe Islands also have a special place in my heart, as up there you really get to emerge yourself in how raw and unspoiled nature can be!

Why do you think you match with Fat Moose so well?

When i travel around the world, the weather and climate is always changing, so for me it’s important to have clothing that fits every scenario i get thrown into! When i last visited the Faroe Islands we had some crazy weather with strong winds, snow, hail & rain. But being equipped with Fat Moose i was in good hands! Plus when you make videos and take photos for a living it’s important to look fresh on the camera!

100% handmade soap bar

What is your favorite Fat Moose item?

I would have to say the Magnus Inka Overshirt! Not only do i really love how it fits me! It is also really comfortable to have on. I think what i love most about it, is the fact that it can be used for a everyday use just going out into the city, but also as an adventure jacket, for when i’m out shooting in remote places, while still keeping me warm and comfortable!

Thanks Nikolaj- keep on making memories for life!

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