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Casper Crump,
a Dane abroad

Who is Casper?

Hallo my name is Casper Crump, i'm 45 years old, father of two amazing kids and husband of my fantastic wife. Born an raised in Copenhagen, but have been fortunate to live in other parts of the world. We are currently based out of Washington DC - United States. I am a professional actor, fortunate to participate in both film, tv and stage in Denmark and around the world. My passion besides my acting, is exploring the outdoors, in every way i can. That being everything from being deep under the surface, scuba diving to standing high up in a tree - bowhunting. Exploring the Himalayas on my adventure motorcycle or making way though some of natures wonders, with my family all together in our Toyota FJ Cruiser with my Hero Camper on the hitch. Basically I can not get enough of what nature has to offer, and I use every chance i get to embrace these oppetunitys. A few years ago, I started working with the Danish company Hero Camper as and ambassador, content-creator and creative consultant. Hero Camper makes high quality outdoor off-road campers, and are in my opinion the best out there in the Scandinavian, and European market. The camper has the last years been the foundation in my countless trips in Scandinavia. We just moved to Washington DC, and exploring the states with Fat Moose on my body and my HeroCamper on the hinge - will be my in-between-jobs occupation in the near future and adventures. I have been lucky enough to visit many places and spend my time enjoying nature and experiencing new cultures away from everyday life.

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Telling the story:

I’m passionate about videography and still photography and my camera is my steady companion on all my adventures. Being an actor i find it necessary to tell story’s. In my craft as an actor, storytelling is the dominant part of it, so it comes natural to me to seek and document a good story. Exploring the outdoors gives me that opportunity. There is always a story to tell, and anecdote that takes shape while out. That being an interesting encounter or maybe just documenting the mood and feeling Im experiencing while on adventure. The amazing thing about looking for story’s while out in nature, is that almost every single subject can be turned into a little visual story. Starting a fire, making coffee in the wild, finding you shelter for the night…

Fat Moose to me:

For me Fat Moose is the perfect hybrid between urban life and outdoor endeavors. Lots of my adventures start without me planing in advance. Being a freelance actor gives me opportunities to improvise my trips between jobs, to a certain extent. I always have my car, motorcycle or Hero Camper ready to go, or a 3 day off grid backpack on standby, for those improvised shelter nights. Fat Moose gives me the freedom to combine my everyday urban lifestyle with my outdoor passion - without having to reorganize my suitcase.

My favorite Fat Moose item (at the moment): there are a few to be honest. Gotta say that the beanie is somehow always finding its place on my head, winter and summer. It’s just a great head-peace. My go-to color is the bronze. Second up is the hooded Birk jacket. This is an amazing jacket. It’s super lite and feels like a gentle cuddle on your upper body. This has kept me warm and dry during the Nordic winter. I own it in dark gray/black but i have my eyes peeled on the yellow/black. Love that all pockets has zippers - for me that is a must if you want to use it out in nature.

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