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Alexander O’Strit, Copenhagen

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do every day

My name is Alexander O’Strit and I’m a television producer. When I’m not involved in entertainment or esport productions I try to spend my time learning as much as possible about anything and travel as well.

I’ve had the fortune of visiting a lot of places over the years. Participated in the Mongol Rally from England to Mongolia by car via Iran, toured most of South America, been in another rally this time in tuk tuks from the icey Himalayas in Nepal to the scorching Southern India and a lot of other minor trips. Always travelling with good friends or colleagues.

It’s been ridiculously fun, but I’ve learned that travelling in and of itself is not a guarantee of adventure. You have to make an effort if you want to end up in the middle of a great story.

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How so?

Lots of people spend a ton of money on some absolutely gorgeous vacations. I’ve done so myself. But what I have found is, nothing is more tedious than a holiday which went just as planned. Who really cares that someone else went somewhere, stayed at a great place, got some sun, ate some good food and came back home.

The stories you remember are the ones where things went off the rails, and why plan and spend a lot of resources on something which won’t be memorable in the long run?

I’m not too interested in your nice holiday pictures, but I’m all ears if you tell me about when your passport got stolen and your friend broke a leg while trying to help someone out.

What do you think is the best form of travelling?

Any way where you meet people. That is what I have found to be the best way to experience any country or area. Talk to the guy in the store, the lady operating the gas station, the people in the less fancy parts of the city running a small restaurant.

It’s always more fun to visit the parts of the city where the working class and middle class hang out. Their food is authentic and affordable, and you get a nice impression of what the real culture differences are, than if you sat at a nice upscale restaurant.

Be a nice guest in their country, and you would be surprised how many doors that just fly open.

I once stopped over to ask for directions in Eastern Mongolia and five minutes after me and my friends were in this family's house, listening to one of them play a local string instrument and learning their kids how to fly a kite we had with us.

You just can’t plan that sort of stuff, but in my opinion that’s what it is all about if you really want to understand the people of the world.

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Are you just throwing caution to the wind when travelling?

I wouldn’t go that far.

I once got caught in the middle of a drug transaction in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro where I had to just leg it in order to escape the gun carrying locals and the police. It’s a great story, but too close for comfort.

And more than once the atmosphere has become slightly threatening, and at that point it’s always best to just pull away and find the next bar.

I’m advising anyone to follow the story. Say yes and keep saying yes, when you are invited to interact with people who seem nice and may offer you an insight into their daily life.But stay safe and keep your wits about you. And always wear the right clothes for the weather. Freezing or being too hot can easily kill your momentum to get anything fun done.

Why Fat Moose?

I don’t see myself as any kind of real outdoorsman, but sometimes it’s just what is necessary. Just as COVID hit the world, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro while directing a TV-show just and that’s a place you don’t want to bring the wrong clothes. These new technologies and designs can really cut down on the size of your backpack without compromising your comfort or style.

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Thanks Alexander, what's next?

I’d like to drive from Copenhagen to Ghana or travel around Japan for a month, but both options have their own current difficulties in the wake of COVID, so currently I'm on my way to Malaysia for five weeks for a job. But I’m still planning and scheming the next big thing with my friends.

Thanks Alexander and keep traveling, enjoy life and spread joy.

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